Breakfast at Tiffany’s

(Well afternoon tea!)

Who doesn’t love Tiffany’s..? Diamonds! Those iconic blue gift boxes! Everything about it is just so beautiful and eloquent.. And anyone whose an Audrey Hepburn fan knows one of the most iconic places you can have breakfast at is at Tiffany’s! 

It truly is a once in a lifetime experience and has been on my bucket list for a while.

When I knew we were heading to New York, I naively thought that we could book a table at Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe on 5th Av a couple of days in advance of going.

After a quick scour on the internet, it became abundantly clear that getting a table at the Blue box cafe was about as easy as getting one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets! 

Cue extensive research into how I could secure myself a much coveted table.
I quickly learnt that tables are released on to ‘Resy’, the booking app 30 days in advance at 9am EST. Out of intrigue I looked at the furthest day in advance and there were no tables available. I went back to the forums only to learn that once released, the tables book out in seconds!

Given we were there over a weekend, I was happy to go on the Saturday or the Sunday and I downloaded the Resy app having learned this was the most reliable method to secure a table. I diligently set my alarm for 2pm 30 days in advance of our trip (9am EST) and logged onto the app. All the times were available so I selected 2pm, However once I got through to the booking stage my table was ‘no longer available’ and when I refreshed, there were no tables left!

I was determined not to be defeated so I did the same the following day (but this time I uploaded my credit card details into the app in advance-top tip-to make the booking process faster!) I also roped my long suffering husband in on the booking action and our strategy was to both independently try and book a table (via the app). Unfortunately he didn’t secure a table but luckily I did!! I felt so elated and couldn’t wait!!

I’m so pleased to say it really didn’t disappoint. We arrived on the Sunday at our allotted time, up to the 4th floor and what first struck me on entry was how cute and dainty the Blue Box Cafe was, with only a small number of intimate tables.

Needless to say I wasn’t this organised, however some of the patrons had even dressed the part in pearls, hair in a chignon and donning a black dress, a nod at the iconic scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s! It appears my husband also decided to dress in Tiffany’s blue (however, he claims this was a timely coincidence!)

We were shown to our table for 2 although there were some fabulous breakfast and lunch options we could have chosen, we opted for the classic Tiffany’s afternoon tea accompanied by a couple of glasses of champagne. 

We were able to select from a large number of bellocq teas. Then arrived the most gorgeous afternoon tea plate stand adorned with the most gorgeous sumptuous little morsels, they looked too good to eat.

The finger sandwich selection was fabulous, the classics you’d expect from an eloquent afternoon tea presented beautifully; herbed chicken, smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and vegan romesco with asparagus, along with sweet and savoury scones.

Although these were all delicious, what really sets this afternoon tea apart (besides it being in Tiffany’s of course) is the stunning cake selection which has to be seen to be believed. I can honestly say they all tasted even better than they looked!

It was a fabulous way to spend a rainy afternoon in New York and an iconic once in a lifetime must do. 

Next time you plan a trip to New York, I strongly advise setting a reminder 30 days in advance and trying your upmost to secure yourself a table at the Blue Box Cafe at Tiffany’s!